A Prayer for Las Vegas

pexels-photo-568027In the wake of the senseless, horrifying tragedy in Las Vegas Sunday night, there are many understandable reactions. Shock. Confusion. Rage. Deep sadness.

However you react emotionally, for those of us who claim to follow Jesus, there should be a common, instinctive reaction: Prayer. Please join me in offering this prayer, or a prayer of your own, to the God who is present with the suffering.

Father – Son – Spirit, Triune God of faithfulness,
we ask right now for your hand of mercy.
Holy Spirit, bring comfort, compassion, and love to all in Las Vegas.
Restore peace, bring hope, extend grace.
Strengthen first responders, law enforment, and medical personnel as they seek to provide resources and services to those in need.
Father, unite Your churches to provide places of rest and prayer, hope and healing.
Allow your followers, Jesus, to be a blessing in any way possible.
And help everyone across the world to lift up in prayer this community in need of your love and light today. We join in solidarity and cry out for mercy and healing.
You are able, Lord God of the Universe.
In the powerful and compassionate name of Jesus, Amen.


*This prayer is borrowed from the good folks at Missio Alliance.

Michael Carlson
Pastor / Chrio Communities

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