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Four Reasons Why Jesus Should Captive Your Mind More Than the President

I recently wrote an article for an organization called Missio Alliance. I recommend checking them out and, if you like the articles, podcasts, and other media they curate, subscribing to their weekly e-newsletter. If you’re interested, here’s an introductory paragraph … Continue reading

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What’cha Reading: Book 1, Part 2

I recently started a new blog series called Whatcha Reading. My inaugural post was part 1 of a review of a book called Unfettered Hope by theologian Marva Dawn. Due to the density of this book, I decided to break … Continue reading

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On Prayer: Waiting Five Years For The Answer I Wanted

Five years. Yes, five years. When the Chrio family invited me to be their Pastor just over five years ago I began praying that God would develop relationships between our church family and the families that attend Pedro Guerrero Elementary … Continue reading

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What’cha Reading? Book 1, Part 1

Title: Unfettered Hope: A Call to Faithful Living in an Affluent Society Author: Internationally renowned theologian, author, and educator Dr. Marva J. Dawn has served as Teaching Fellow in Spiritual Theology at Regent College in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Under Christians Equipped … Continue reading

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What’cha Reading?

“Hey Michael, you need to read this.” I hear these words often. When someone in my life who knows I’m a pastor reads a book they really enjoy (usually having something to do with Christianity or spirituality) they assume I … Continue reading

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Invocation Dilemma – Offering A Prayer At The Mesa Public Schools Governing Board Meeting

“Will you offer a prayer at the Governing Board meeting for Mesa Public Schools?” “Sure!”  I replied, not knowing exactly what that even meant. This is how a meeting ended with a small group of leaders from Mesa Public Schools concerning refugees … Continue reading

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The Gift of a Desk: An Advent Conspiracy Project

Every first grader has her or his own set of challenges. Mine involved things like struggling to beat the best tetherball player at recess or coping with the fact that everyone else seemed to have better items in their lunch box than … Continue reading

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